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Exercises included in the Finger & Hand category of PT-Helper's CONNECT exercise prescription service and mobile app are prescribed by therapists and other health professionals for arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, dislocated finger, metacarpal fracture, skier's thumb (ulnar collateral ligament injury), osteoarthritis, tendinitis and other injuries.


An example of pictures within a Finger & Hand exercise is shown below for Active Finger MCP Flex/Ext Blocked.

Confused about how to follow the finger and hand exercises given to you by your physical therapist? Here are illustrations to show proper alignment and a mobile app on how to perform these exercises.


PT-Helper finger and hand physical therapy, rehabilitation and wellness exercises for  arthritis of the hand, carpal tunnel syndrome, dislocated finger, finger pain, metacarpal fracture, skier's thumb (ulnar collateral ligament injury), trigger finger, osteoarthritis, tendinitis, ruptured ligaments,  mommy's thumb and other finger and hand injuries.


Available exercises include  Finger Tendon Glide, Finger Extension, Finger Flexion, Thumb Flexion, Thumb Extension, Finger Opposition Exercise, Grip Fist Isometrics, MCP Flexion, Wrist Tendon Glide.

Active Finger MCP Flex/Ext Blocked
Active Finger MCP Flex/Ext Blocked

Therapist and other wellness professionals can use the

CONNECT web platform

to prescribe these exercises to their clients,

streamlining your workflow,

providing independence to your patients,

and better allow you to customize and track their results.

Patients who have received

paper copies

of their home exercises

can find these exercises in the

PT-Helper mobile app

and easily add their prescribed exercises to their

Favorite exercise program.


The PT-Helper app is going to

improve your motivation and

accountability and resolve any

issues that will keep you from

completing the recovery

exercises assigned to you.


Before starting any exercise program,

consult with your medical doctor or physical therapist.

The exercise list below includes one icon image for each exercise.

Click on the icon image to see a larger version.

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