A PT Home Exercise Program Following Shoulder Surgery from Aurora BayCare Medical Clinic

We’ve curated these seven exercises, shared by Aurora BayCare Medical Clinic, into a Home Exercise Program (HEP) using the PT-Helper CONNECT tool and prescribed via the PT-Helper mobile app.

Reminder: Please consult your physician before engaging in any physical activity and stop if you experience pain or discomfort.

Exercises Included:

  1. Pendulums – Clockwise and Counterclockwise
    Lean on a sturdy object with your uninvolved arm. Spread feet apart and bend knees slightly. Let your arm hang. Attempt to let your arm move side to side as if it were a pendulum by shifting your body side to side and in a circular motion. This is a gentle motion.
  2. Pendulums – Forward and Backward
    Lean on a sturdy object with your uninvolved arm. Position feet with a wide base of support, step forward with one leg as if bowling. Let your arm hang. Attempt to let your arm move forward/backward as if it were a pendulum by shifting weight forward and back. This is a gentle motion.
  3. Seated Shoulder Passive Flexion
    Sit at edge of chair next to table or desk. Place involved arm on surface with elbow straight. Slide arm forward and slowly bend forward at hips as you slide back into chair.
  4. Supine Shoulder Flexion
    Lie on back with upper arm supported with pillow at side. Point involved arm’s thumb toward ceiling. Hold involved arm at elbow with non-involved hand. Slowly lift involved arm up with the assistance of the non-involved arm. Slowly return to start position.
  5. Overhead Arm Raise with Wall Assist
    Stand facing wall. Place involved forearm against wall with towel in hand. Hold involved side elbow with non-involved hand and slowly guide involved arm up wall. Slowly return to starting position.
  6. Pulley Flexion
    Secure pulley over door. Sit in chair, facing away from door, with pulley in both hands, elbows bent. Gently pull non-involved arm down, elevating involved arm, good arm supplying the power. Avoid shoulder shrugging during activity.
  7. Shoulder Blade Squeeze (Retraction)
    Stand or sit with efficient posture. Pull your shoulder blades together, and in toward your spine. Hold for 5 seconds. • Keep upper shoulder muscles relaxed. • Shoulders should rotate outward and arms should not pass behind plane of body.

Shoulder Exercise Demo, as viewed on the PT-Helper Mobile App:

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