Affordable Technology to Help Manage Your Diabetes

By guest blogger Justin Bennett 

If you are living with diabetes, you aren’t alone. An estimated 9.4 percent of the American population has been diagnosed with the disease, totaling about 30.3 million people. If not properly managed, diabetes can result in serious health issues, from loss of limb to death. With proper care and exercise, however, you can live a perfectly happy and healthy life. Modern technologies make taking care of your condition easier and less costly than ever before. Consult this guide to practical and affordable tech tools to get started.

Wearable devices to track your health

With a wearable device, you don’t even have to consciously check vital signs like heart rate. Fitness trackers will keep an eye on your physical wellbeing while you simply go about your daily activities. There’s no need to break the bank when buying a wearable device. has a solid selection of gadgets to track your activity.

Wearable technology will only become more affordable as it becomes more prevalent in the future. Diabetes researchers are even working on developing special “smart socks” that track blood circulation in different parts of the foot, for instance. Since diabetics tend to have poor circulation, they are often at risk of losing limbs because they don’t notice a loss of blood flow. In some cases, the limb must be amputated. The smart socks are designed to address this issue.

Download informative apps to your smartphone

Your smartphone can provide a variety of helpful resources for diabetes management. It’s just about downloading the right apps. For example, what you eat and drink directly impacts blood sugar. It’s important to know what you are putting into your body. Fooducate gives you the knowledge you need, providing details on everything from a food’s sugar content to hidden ingredients. Consult it to guide your choices when eating and ensure you aren’t taking any needless risks.

MySugr is another great app for diabetics. Link it to your glucose monitor to easily track your levels. It will remind you when it’s time to check in. You can even send results directly to your doctor. This real time info allows them to develop more accurate, personalized treatment plans. BeatO is another example of an app that you can use to check glucose. The BeatO device literally turns your smartphone into a monitor, collecting data automatically. You can also simply use the app alone to manually input information if you already have a monitor. Meanwhile, apps such as LadyBoss Pocket Personal Trainer can help you develop an exercise routine and introduce you to different meal plans based on your needs.

Use telemedicine to touch base regularly with a doctor

Telemedicine allows you to connect with health professionals electronically. Use your tablet, smartphone, or computer to video chat with a qualified expert who can evaluate and diagnose problems, and provide treatment suggestions. This is often cheaper than going to see a doctor in person, and studies have shown that telemedicine really works: Since people can get the help they need easily at home, they are more motivated to seek the help they need and stay on top of their wellbeing with more regular check-ins.

If you’re feeling uncertain about your current diabetes treatment plan or worried about new symptoms, you can easily touch base with a doctor without sitting in a crowded waiting room. There are many telemedicine providers available. AmWell provides 24/7 service from board-certified doctors with an average of 15 years of experience, for example. Meanwhile, 2nd.MD focuses specifically on connecting users with specialists who provide second opinions on more complex situations.

The aforementioned technologies only require a small investment in terms of money. The apps are even free. The small cost is well worth the result: improved health. You can also rest easy knowing that your diabetes is being properly managed and under control. This peace of mind alone is priceless.

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