An Easy Solution for Your Patient Who “Forgets” to Complete Their HEP

One of the most frequent excuses that a physical therapist will hear from their patient about why they aren’t doing their exercises is, “I forgot.” For many people in today’s hectic society, it is not surprising that their busy schedules distracts them from establishing a new habit to do their prescribed exercises.

To help patients remember to do their home exercises, the PT-Helper mobile app provides three (3) daily exercise reminders.

Select the Settings (hamburger)  symbol at the top right of the screen and then set the time for each reminder as required.


The 3 daily reminders can be used to notify your patient on their smartphone that it’s time to remember to do their exercises. 

We’ve had the opportunity to talk with many different therapists and have discovered that some therapists will not prescribe more than 5 exercises to their patients as they feel that having more exercises will discourage their patients from doing their exercises. Keeping the quantity of exercises low gives the patient a sense of control and the perceived effort of completing a small number of exercises doesn’t become a hurdle to the patient.

With this thought process in mind, the therapist can easily create multiple ‘treatment plans’ in CONNECT for the patient and have different (or the same) exercises in the patient’s morning, mid-day, and evening exercise plan. Each ‘treatment plan’ will have their own unique home exercise program (HEP) code and the patient’s exercise completion schedule of each plan can be monitored separately.

The flexibility of PT-Helper’s web-based exercise prescription service, CONNECT, and the mobile app can help your patient overcome their hurdles of “I forgot” as well as spreading out their prescribed exercises into short sessions of exercises that can easily be accommodated in a busy day.

We know you put your patients first, help them complete their prescribed home exercises with PT-Helper.

Start your Free 30-day Trial of the PT-Helper CONNECT exercise prescription tool today!

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