Do You Use Your Patient’s SmartPhone to Prescribe Exercises

One of the more interesting responses that we get when we ask physical therapists “how do you prescribe exercises to your patients?” is “I use my patient’s phone and record them doing their exercises”. In many ways this is a great example of the therapist using the available tools to inform and individually customize their patient’s exercises.

With this behavior in mind, we have added the ability to add pictures and videos taken on the patient’s phone to prescribed exercises in the PT-Helper mobile app.

The PT-Helper mobile app provides a quick and easy way to view and select exercises from our library. From the app home page, select “Exercises by Category” to view the available categories of exercises. Select the appropriate category, in this example Shoulder, to view the list of available exercises.

Scroll up and down the list to select the appropriate exercise, such as Bilateral Shoulder External Rotation. Then select Add To Favorites. Once any exercise is added to Favorites, you can use the camera symbol located at the top left of the screen to take pictures or videos. You can take videos of your patient doing their exercises while giving verbal cues on how to do it properly. Since these pictures or videos are not exported by PT-Helper, they will remain private on the patient’s phone.

In the scenario where an exercise doesn’t currently exist within the library, you can easily create a new exercise within the app by selecting Create An Exercise and then adding photos or videos to the new exercise.

As long as they have their smartphone, your patients will have access to their prescribed exercises.  No more excuses of losing their exercise sheets. PT-Helper mobile app also has up to 3 daily reminders so that your patients don’t forget when to exercise.

Watch the short how-to video below to learn how to add pictures or video to the PT-Helper mobile app.

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