Excy Portable Full-Body Exercise Bike on PT-Helper

Excy was created by Michele Mehl after breaking her leg while rollerblading with her son. Complications during her recovery, included a blood clot, resulted in her inability to exercise like she used to. So she created a portable full-body exercise bike to help herself and others to recover from their injuries.

“After months of physical therapy and relying on caretakers after breaking my leg, I got just a small glimpse into the plight of those living with injury, disability, and disease,” Mehl said. “It was an eye-opening experience that led me to re-think the type of company I wanted to build, which I captured in a blog post from the couch while being non-weight bearing.”

Changes in treatment strategies provide new opportunities for portable exercise equipment to improve outcomes. This Johns Hopkins Medicine article “Recovering from Surgery/Intensive Care” says moving the legs and feet in the recovery room stimulates circulation. One option is to “bicycle” which can be implemented with the Excy exercise bike while the patient remains on the bed. In addition, a study at McMaster University reports that cycling in bed is safe for ICU patients and may help them go home sooner, stronger and happier.

The Excy portable full-body bike can be used with leg and arm isometric, back & forth motion, and forward and backward pedaling exercises to build strength and range of motion. More advanced exercises will also develop core strength.

PT-Helper had the good fortune of meeting Michele at the 2018 American Physical Therapy Association’s Combined Sections Meeting when we were neighbors on the exhibit floor. Our common experience of creating a health-related start-up after an injury as well as our mutual interest in cycling opened the door for us to collaborate.

PT-Helper has added Excy exercises into our library to include the XCS Pro portable total body cycling system, designed to offer easier access to quality bed, chair, and floor pedaling exercises. A few examples of the Excy exercises available on PT-Helper are shown below:

  • Excy Horizontal Floor and Bed Cycling
  • Excy Chair Recumbent Position
  • Excy Hand Cycle on Bed/Floor 

These exercises as well as more strenuous Excy exercises are now available on both PT-Helper CONNECT exercise prescription software and mobile app, in addition to our existing library of shoulder, knee & hip, neck and many other exercises.

Excy is currently holding a $100 off sale on their most popular models which ends on November 30, 2018. PT-Helper users can use coupon code “PT-Helper” at check out to get an additional $50.00 off. Coupon code expires on December 31, 2018.

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