How to Introduce the PT-Helper Tools to Your Team of Physical Therapists

The benefits of the PT-Helper mobile app to help your patients complete their home exercises (improving compliance and resulting in better outcomes) will help motivate your staff to try out PT-Helper’s web-based exercise prescription solution, CONNECT.

A short example of the mobile app in use is shown below.

Benefits of PT-Helper mobile app for the patient are:

  • No more exercise papers to deal with
  • Always have their prescribed exercises with them
  • Up to 3 daily reminders to do their exercises
  • Counts hold times, repetitions and sets
  • Walks them through their complete home exercise program (HEP)
  • With a free 30-day trial, there is no financial risk to trying out PT-Helper CONNECT. 

    The simple-to-use interface of CONNECT makes it easy to learn how to add patients and add exercises to their personalized treatment plan. Using their preferred browser, your staff can login and quickly start adding patients and exercises.

    Simply selecting , entering the patient’s first and last name will create the patient’s profile.

    Then select to enter the treating therapist, location and injury.

    Once these fields have been completed, select to view our exercise database and to select exercises to add to the home exercise plan.

    CONNECT allows the therapist to change the parameters of each exercise such as hold times, repetitions and sets. It also allows the therapist to add unique comments to each exercise selected to customize the instructions for each patient.

    CONNECT also allows therapists to modify existing exercises or add their own exercises to the database with unique pictures and instructions. These exercises are private to the therapist’s group and not shared with other therapists. No more need to hand-draw pictures or repeated re-write instructions.

    In addition, protocols can be created simplifying the process of finding and adding exercises to treatment plans.

    An added benefit to the therapist is an exercise history log for each patient, which records when the patient completes an exercise on the mobile app.

    Start your Free 30-day Trial of the PT-Helper CONNECT exercise prescription tool today!

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