How to Offer Sustained, Long-Lasting Recovery to Your Physical Therapy Patients

As a physical therapist or similar therapy provider, you value honest therapy
outcomes and getting your patients well, not just for the short-term, while
they’re being treated within your office, but for the long-term and outside your
clinic walls too.

And you know the power of adhering to a Home Exercise Program (HEP)
when aiming for sustained, long-lasting recovery. Of course you do – you
prescribe them!

But you’ve also heard every excuse in the book of why a patient does not
complete their Home Exercise Program, right?

They’re busy. They forgot. They lost the paper. They didn’t understand one
of the exercises. They weren’t sure how many of each exercise they were
supposed to do. They didn’t know if they were doing it right.

The list goes on and on.

And in the end, when all of these excuses pile up about

not completing a Home Exercise Program, long-term
wellness and sustained recovery simply isn’t attained.

You did what you could do, treating them under their Plan of Care. But once
they were left to their own devices, without adhering to their simple HEP,
they stunted their own progress. They got well, but didn’t stay well. They
either were re-injured or never quite returned to 110%.

Now, let’s be honest. You could simply chalk this recurring cycle up to patient
limitations and think, “That’s just the way it is.”

Or you could try a better solution to prescribing a Home Exercise Program.

A solution that presents a HEP to the patient right on their smartphone.

A solution that doesn’t involve low-quality printer copies or lost papers.

Of course, we’re talking about PT-Helper’s CONNECT platform and mobile app.

As a quick overview, this is how the PT-Helper solution works:

You, as the therapist, log into the CONNECT platform on your laptop or desktop
and create your patient’s HEP. You then prescribe the program to your patient
using a unique HEP Code. Your patient downloads the PT-Helper mobile app
on their Apple or Android device, enters the HEP Code you’ve provided them,
and now can access their HEP on their smartphone.

The mobile app has been expertly designed and all exercise illustrations are
clean, modern, and easy to understand. Gone are the days of recording your
own exercise library – the PT-Helper exercise library is stocked with over 500
of the industry’s most commonly prescribed movements.

But of course, should you want to prescribe an exercise not within the PT-Helper
Exercise Library, you can easily create a new exercise and upload your own
picture(s) demonstrating the movement.

There are several other features within the PT-Helper platform that will allow your
patient to gain long-term wellness and sustained recovery. You may explore them
all during your Free 30-Day Trial, available here.

Don’t worry – no credit card is required. You can begin your 30-Day Trial today,
absolutely free, and if at the end of your trial period you don’t feel it’s the right
solution for you, you can walk away – no questions asked.

There’s nothing to lose.

Once you begin your Free 30-Day Trial, use our Quick Start Guide
instructing you on how to set up your PT-Helper Account and begin using the
PT-Helper CONNECT Platform in its entirety.

Should you have any questions at any time, feel free to reach out to us directly at

Here’s to sustained, long-lasting recovery!
Fred & Joan
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