Making Exercise A Habit In Your Kiddo

Guest blog by Richa Kohli

Like many other moms, it was also my concern that my kid is not involved in any outdoor sports or do any kind of exercises. Kids nowadays are very much involved in video games and mobile games that they refuse to go out of the house to play. During a recent visit to the doctor for a routine checkup, I came to know that my 8-year-old is overweight. That was the time when I decided to search for smart ideas to keep my kid engaged in fitness activities.

  1. Set a goal – Setting up a goal can be really motivating. Set small goals, not unachievable ones. Once your kid is capable to reach for small goals, raise the bars.
  2. Let’s dance together – Enroll in a dance class together as dancing is a very good exercise and fun too,
  3. Park trips – Take them to the park and play with them. This will increase your fitness and is good for your kid as well.
  4. Bike buddies – Be a bike buddy with your kid. It is a good cardio exercise.
  5. How about a work out video – Do the exercises together while watching a fitness video. Choose the one who does not have complicated exercises. Go for the simple one so that your kid can also do it. You can take a consultation with board-certified physical therapists at TheraNow.
  6. Get competitive – Get competitive in a healthy way. This can act as encouragement in kids and the kid tries to give their best.

Encouragement plays a very important role while you are trying something new with your kids. Do not get angry or scold them. Be patient, talk and tell them to know the importance to stay fit, what you are trying to do is good for them. Analyze your kid and see what are all their area of interest and how you can use them to incorporate fitness into them. You also share a special bond when you spend quality time with your kid while exercising. You should also monitor that your kid does not overdo anything as this can lead to injury. You can give rewards on the achievement of conquering a short-term goal. This will keep them encouraged and they will try to give their best every time.

Richa Kohli, CEO of TheraNow, is a young female entrepreneur and innovator with a vast knowledge of Physical Therapy field. Richa has a vision of making physical therapy services digitally available for everyone in the USA, provided by board certified and experienced therapists, ensuring convenience, effectiveness and lower cost of treatment. She is an avid healthcare blogger and also loves traveling the world.

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