Neuromotor Exercises for people with Multiple Sclerosis

We have added Neuromotor exercises that are recommended for people with Multiple Sclerosis to our CONNECT library which are also accessible via the home exercise mobile app. Working in conjunction with Dr. Stephen Kanter PT, DPT, ATC, the exercises that have been added to PT-Helper include both good and bad behavioral instructions, safety preparatory positions, and active exercises. Dr. Kanter has worked with patients with Multiple Sclerosis and patients with balance, gait and endurance impairments. Dr. Kanter is currently the Supervisor, Rehabilitation Services at International Multiple Sclerosis Management Practice.

PT-Helper will be participating in the 19th Annual MS Patient Education Symposium on October 16, 2016 hosted by the TISCH MS Research Center of New York. People with Multiple Sclerosis, their family members and caregivers are welcome to attend for FREE! Registration is required at

PT-Helper is proud to sponsor Team Tisch MS.

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