New Features on PT-Helper Mobile App

We continue to work on improvements in our PT-Helper mobile app to make it even easier to use and more useful to patients and health professionals.

There are 2 new features we would like to share with you:

  • Multiple Copies of the Same Exercise
Our app allows the addition of multiple copies of the same exercise into Favorite Exercises within the app. When an exercise has been added to Favorites, that exercise will display a star letting you know that at least one copy of the exercise has been selected. If you choose the exercise again, it will now allow you to add another copy of the exercise into Favorites.

  • Create Folders within Favorites

This feature allows you to organize and sort your exercises within Favorites.

One example is to group exercises into different programs that need to be done at different times of the day. In the first image below, we have added 3 exercises into Favorites, 2 of which are Bilateral Shoulder Abduction 1. We have then created 2 folders (second image): Morning Exercises and Evening Exercises. Using a new drag and drop feature, we placed 2 of the exercises in the folder Evening Exercises (last image).

The drag and drop feature can also be used to easily change exercise order.


The combination of creating multiple versions of the same exercise and creating folders in Favorites allows you greater flexibility to customize how exercises are organized.

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