Opioid Use #ChoosePT

Awareness of prescriptive opioid abuse in the United States has gained national attention with drug overdose deaths hitting a record number in 2014. Over 50% of those deaths involve a prescriptive opioid. In addition, opioid dependence has led to a rise of 3000% in medical services.

In response to this epidemic is a need for a non-pharmaceutical treatment for pain management. The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) has established the #ChoosePT campaign to create awareness of using physical therapy as an alternative for chronic pain management and have developed a PT/PTA Fact Sheet and Patient Pain Profile resource for its members.

This lecture at the APTA 2016 NEXT Conference and Exposition on “Pain Management: Roadmap to Revolution” by Steven Z. George, PT, PhD expands upon the PT’s ability to recognize and understand pain.

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