PT-Connect FAQ

How did PT-Connect develop your library of exercises? PT-Connect collaborates with physical therapists and other health providers to develop our library of exercises.

How easy is it to find the exercises I want? PT-Connect provides several methods to find an exercise. You can use the Search feature to match text in the exercise name, exercise description or exercise keyword.

You can also select a category to only display the list of exercises within the selected category.

Will I be able to customize the number of sets, reps, hold times, etc. for my patients? PT-Connect enables you to customize the parameters of each exercise that you prescribe to your patients. You can also add patient specific comments to each exercise.

I do things a little differently.  Am I able to create my own exercises? You have the ability to create your own exercises within PT-Connect. These exercises will be private to your organization and will not be shared with other subscribers of PT-Connect.

In addition to creating your own exercises, you can modify existing exercises to change the name, description, default exercise parameters, add or delete pictures, as well as add a YouTube video to an exercise.

I am using paper handouts which do not cost me anything.  Why should I use PT-Connect? One of the most common excuses that patients use for not doing their exercises is not being able to locate their exercise papers.

One of PT-Connect’s major benefit is its ability to synchronize exercises with the PT-Helper mobile app so that your patients will never misplace their exercises. The mobile app will help your patients complete their home exercises by reminding them do to their exercises, counting their hold times, reps and sets resulting in improved compliance and outcomes.

I have a busy practice and I don’t have much time to learn a new system.  How easy is it to use PT-Connect? PT-Connect is very simple to use and doesn’t take long to learn.

Where are you located?  If I have problems with PT-Connect, how would I contact you? PT-Helper is based in Pittsburgh, PA. The best way to contact us is via email at

Do you provide training on how to use PT-Connect? PT-Connect has a simple interface and is easy to use. We have comprehensive user guides and you can reach us at to help you with any specific questions. We can also provide online presentations to walk you through the user interface.

How much does it cost to use PT-Connect? PT-Connect is $8.00/mo/user or $80/yr/user. This includes support for unlimited number of patients.

In a PT-Connect account, you can add any number of treating therapists and multiple clinic locations.

Is the pricing for PT-Connect for each therapist in our clinic? PT-Connect is $8.00/mo/user or $80/yr/user. This includes support for unlimited number of patients.

In a PT-Connect account, you can add any number of treating therapists and multiple clinic locations.

A user represents a single login account. In some clinics, a single person will login to PT-Connect to prescribed exercises to patients for multiple therapists.

Will I be able to track how my patients are doing through PT-Connect? PT-Connect will interface with the PT-Helper mobile app to record when your patients complete an exercise provided that they entered their unique HEP code. Your patient’s exercise history can be viewed in the exercise details page of their treatment plan.

What if my patients don’t have a mobile device? PT-Connect provides you with the option of printing the HEP for your patient. You can also email the HEP to your patient.

Why do you use illustrations instead of videos? PT-Connect uses illustrations to enable the ability for the mobile app to adjust the exercise routine to match each patient’s unique hold time, repetitions and sets. Video does not provide the flexibility to change exercise parameters.

How many patients does your pricing include? PT-Connect pricing includes unlimited number of patients.

How secure is your program? PT-Connect uses SSL encryption to connect with your browser. Each account is protected with a user password.