PT-Connect Patient Information

Patient Search

Selecting  in the browser banner at the top of the page will send you to the Patient Search page. This page is also the first page you will see whenever you log into PT-Connect. The Patient Search page will list in alphabetical order (Last Name) all of the company’s patients entered into PT-Connect.

The Patient Search page will look like the image below.

Locating a patient’s information can be accelerated by using the pull-down menu in to reduce the patient list to those of a specified Therapist.

Alternatively, you can search for the patient’s name or Patient ID using the Search Bar

Selecting an existing patient will take you to the Treatment Summary page for that patient.

Adding a New Patient

Selecting  within the Patient Search page will take you to a Patient Information Entry form.

If you wish to be able to email Home Exercise Program sheets to your patient, the email address field will need to be completed.

Additional optional information such as Home, Work and Healthcare information can be included if you wish to utilize PT-Connect as part of your electronic patient records.

The Add Patient form is shown below.

You can always return and update the patient’s information by pressing in the patient page.

Injuries and Treatment Summary

Upon successful completion of adding a new patient profile, you will automatically be directed to the Treatment Summary page where you can add a new injury. For an existing patient, you can add a new injury or update an existing treatment plan.

You can return to the Treatment Summary page at any time by clicking on within the patient’s profile.

Add Injury

Selecting  will bring up an Add Injury form. Primary Therapist, Therapist Location and Impairment must have a valid selection.

Selecting will save the Add Injury information and will take you to the Add Exercises page for this injury.

Treatment Summary 

Alternatively, you can select Save which will take you back to the patient’s Treatment Summary page as shown below. A Treatment Summary page with a prescribed exercise is shown below.

The Treatment Summary page will list all injuries for the patient with the most recent injury listed at the top. At this time, there is no option to delete an injury.

Pressing in the Treatment Summary will open a new browser tab with a PDF summary of the treatment plan (examples shown below). The PDF file can be printed or electronically saved to your clinical records. It is not intended to be handed out to patients as it lacks exercise images and description.

To generate exercise handouts, go to the Treatment Plan Details page by pressing the  button.

Treatment Plan Details

The Treatment Plan Details page provide you with the opportunity to add new exercises, modify and update existing exercises, email the plan to the patient, and print the plan for the patient.

Each treatment plan will have a unique HEP Code. This HEP Code can be entered into the PT-Helper mobile app to import the assigned exercises directly into the patient’s smartphone or tablet. Each time you update this treatment plan, the patient’s copy will also be updated.

A copy of a Treatment Plan Details page is shown below.

Add Exercise

To add an exercise to the plan, selecting will take you to the Add Exercises page for this injury.

Changing Exercise Order

You can change to order of the exercises within a treatment plan by clicking and holding the left-mouse button on an exercise’s name. Follow this by dragging the exercise to its desired location. To assist changing the order of the exercises, you can collapse the exercises to only display the exercise headers.

Exercise Log

Your patient may use the HEP code to synchronize their PT-Helper mobile app with the exercises prescribed in PT-Connect. Using PT-Helper mobile app, your patients will always have their exercises available to them and not worry about having misplaced their printed exercise handouts.

If your patient keeps their Sync Results at ON within the mobile app, their exercise history will appear in the Exercise Log associated with that specific treatment plan.

Selecting  in the Treatment Plan Details page will bring up the Exercise Log page. An example of the Exercise Log is shown below.

The Exercise Log page will automatically display the patient’s exercise history over the past month. You can change the exercise range by changing the From and To fields and then pressing  button.

The exercise log will group exercises completed within 15 minutes of each other into a single session. Exercises that are completed further apart than 15 minutes will be separated into their own sessions.

Details of the individual sessions can be viewed by selecting the  which will bring up a pop-up window listing the exercise names.

An example of the exercise history details is shown below.


You can print out the exercise details page to hand out HEP sheets to your patients. Pressing  in the Treatment Plan Details page will open a new browser tab with a PDF of the treatment plan. The PDF file can be printed or electronically saved to your clinical records. Use the browser’s print functionality to send the file to your preferred printer.

An example of a print out can be found here.


Provided that your patient profile has a valid email entered, you can email them a copy of their HEP sheets.

Pressing  will automatically send an email which contains a PDF version of their exercise sheets. If the email field in the patient’s profile is left empty, the email button will not appear.

An example of the email is show below. Note that the “Reply To” field is automatically set to the therapist’s email address if it is provided.


Plan Comments

You can add general plan comments at the bottom of the Treatment Plan Details page. These comments are not tied to any specific exercise and will appear on the Treatment Plan Details print out.

Care Giver

PT-Connect provides an opportunity to record additional information about the patient in the Care Giver fields. Selecting the Care Giver text in the patient’s profile will bring the page below.