PT-Connect Quick Start Guide


This Quick Start guide will take you through 4 easy steps to creating your first Home Exercise Program.

PT-Connect will automatically create a therapist based upon the First Name and Last Name provided during registration. If you need to add additional therapists or change the therapist’s name, you can find instructions on how to do so here.

1. Add a Patient.

Select in the browser banner near the top left of the page.

The Patient Search page will look like the image below.

Select The first portion of the Add Patient form is shown below. The minimum required information for a patient is First Name and Last Name. If you want to email a Home Exercise Program (HEP) to your patient, enter a valid email address. Select Create.

The next page that will appear is a Treatment Summary as shown below.

2. Add an Injury.

Selecting  will bring up an Add Injury form. Primary Therapist, Therapist Location and Impairment must have a valid selection. PT-Connect will automatically complete Primary Therapist and Therapist Location if you only have 1 therapist and 1 location specified in your company’s Settings.

Select  to save the Add Injury information and go to the Add Exercises page for this injury.

3. Add Exercises

The Add Exercise page will display all available exercises within PT-Connect. You can filter the exercises displayed by selecting a category or entering a value in the Search field. Select exercises to add to this treatment plan by clicking  besides the desired exercises.

When you have finished selecting exercises, click  at the top or bottom of the page.

4. Share the Home Exercise Program

You are now in the Treatment Plan Details page for your patient’s injury. You can modify the parameters of each exercise as well as add PT comments for each exercise on this page.

You can print the Home Exercise Program to share with your patient. Or you can email it to them if you entered an email address.

Each treatment plan will have a unique HEP Code. You can share this HEP code with your patient to enter into their PT-Helper mobile app to help them with their HEP compliance.

An example of a Treatment Plan Details page is shown below.