PT-Connect Trouble Shooting


I can’t login to my account: Click here to login to PT-Helper CONNECT. If you are still unable to login with your email and password, you can reset your password here. Should you still continue to experience problems logging into PT-Helper CONNECT after resetting your password, please contact us.

How do I add a therapist’s name to my account? Select the Settings option in the pull-down menu to view the company information page.

Once you are on the Settings page, you will be able to select the “+ Add Therapist” button to add a new therapist’s name into your account.

How do I add a patient to my account? At the top left in the banner, select this will take you to the Patient Search page. On this page, you will be able to select to add a new patient into your account.

How do I locate a patient’s record? At the top left in the banner, select this will take you to the Patient Search page. On this page, the easiest way to locate the record is to enter the patient’s name in the Search form 

I can’t email my patient his exercises? You will need to be in the patient’s  Treatment Plan Details page in order to email or print their prescribed exercises. If you do not see an email button, this is because they do not have a valid email address in their Profile page. Click on “Profile” then “Edit” to add an email address. Return to the treatment plan details to send the email.

I can’t create a new User? PT-Connect requires each User to have a unique email account. If an email account is already being used, you will need to select a different email account for the User.

You should verify that the number of Users is less than or equal to the number of purchased subscribers.

Can I add my own exercises? PT-Connect allows you to create your own exercises or modify existing exercises to make it match your requirements. These exercises are private to your organization and are not shared with other organizations.

Can I create my own protocol? PT-Connect allows you to create your own protocols or templates. These are exercises that are grouped together to easily locate and prescribe them to a patient. Included exercises can be from our library or from your own privately created exercises or modified library exercises.