PT-Connect User Manual


PT-Connect  Banner 

Once you have registered for a PT-Connect account and logged in, the web browser will have a top-of-page banner similar to the one shown below. The banner will display your company name or your corporate logo if you provided one. The top-of-page banner includes buttons that will help you navigate around the site.

Company Information

Selecting the Settings option in the pull-down menu will direct you to a page where you can add, modify and delete company information like company logo, Locations, Users, and Therapists.

Additional information on configuring your company information can be found here.

Patient Information

Selecting  will direct you to a page where you can add new patients as well as search for existing patients.

Additional information on configuring patient information can be found here.

Watch the Quick Start Guide video below to quickly create a Home Exercise Program (HEP) for your patient.

Logging Off

Selecting the pull-down menu at the top right of the banner will provide the option for you to log off the system.

If your browser page remains idle for more than 15 minutes, PT-Connect will automatically log you off.

PT-Helper Mobile App

PT-Connect has the ability to send a patient’s Home Exercise Program (HEP) to the patient’s smartphone or tablet through the PT-Helper mobile app available on the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store. The patient will need to enter their HEP code provided on PT-Connect for their specific treatment plan.

Additional information on the PT-Helper smartphone/tablet mobile app can be found here.

Quick Links

Quick Start Guide – 6 easy steps to get started using PT-Connect

Trouble Shooting – resolve common problems using PT-Connect

Company Information – setting up clinic information such as therapist, clinic locations, logos, and users

Add Therapists – add a therapist to your organization

Add Location – add a clinic location

My Exercises – create your own private exercises

Templates – create your own private templates or protocols

Patient Information – setting up patient profiles, adding injuries, and adding exercises

Add Patient – add a new patient

Add Injury – add an injury to a patient profile

Treatment Plan – details of a patient’s exercise treatment plan

Add Exercises – add exercises to a treatment plan

Customize Exercise Parameters – customize exercise parameters prescribed to a patient

Exercise Log – patient’s exercise history using PT-Helper’s mobile app

Print Home Exercise Program Sheets – example of a PDF file for a treatment plan

Exercise Definition – parameter definitions to create an exercise that works with PT-Helper mobile app