PT-Helper® FREE Mobile App

We are happy to announce that we now have a FREE mobile app for clients of physical therapists and other health professionals. The new PT-Helper app is available on both iOS and Android. It provides users the ability to download one (1) Home Exercise Program (HEP) prescribed to them by their therapist on our PT-Connect exercise prescription service.

Download the free PT-Helper mobile app here:

Features of PT-Helper mobile app:

  • Download HEP prescribed on PT-Connect
  • Built-in timers to pace your exercises
  • Repetition and Set counters
  • Animated exercise programs
  • Up to 3 daily reminders to complete your exercises
  • Camera function enables the therapist to provide customized video with personalized verbal instructions

PT-Helper Pro

In addition to the free PT-Helper mobile app, we also provide PT-Helper Pro, a full-featured exercise app for patients whose therapists don’t use PT-Connect. Use our exercise library to replicate your physical therapy exercise handouts in our app so that you never lose or forget your exercises.

Features of PT-Helper Pro mobile app:

  • All features from the free PT-Helper mobile app
  • Create your personalized exercise programs using our therapy and wellness exercise library
  • Customize reps, sets and hold times for each exercise
  • Descriptions, illustrations, and animation to explain and demonstrate proper form
  • Timers to pace your exercises
  • Repetition and Set counters
  • Supports multiple Home Exercise Program (HEP) codes from your physical therapist or wellness profession from our PT-Connect exercise prescription program.
  • Create your own exercises

Download PT-Helper Pro mobile app here:


PT-Connect is a web-based exercise prescription service for physical therapists and other health professionals.

  • Keep your patients engaged with their HEP
  • Save time with easy-to-create HEP templates
  • Maximize HEP clarity with video and verbal instructions on the patient’s PT-Helper mobile app
  • Improve patient compliance
  • Customize each patient’s exercise parameters
  • Add comments for each exercise and for the exercise program
  • Ability to create your own exercises
  • Unlimited patients
  • Print, email, or download the HEP to the patient’s PT-Helper mobile app
  • Low monthly or annual cost

Learn more about PT-Connect here:

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