You can match the exercises with what you get from the PT, save them as a favorite, and your therapy is set. You can set up number of reps and sets, and it does the counting for you. Great tech support as well.

All exercises are in one place. No more hunting down loose papers, especially after PT is over and you are on your own.

Very useful! Began with my prescribed PT exercises, then gradually added many others, and learned lots!

The response from patients is SUPER positive overall. We just a 5 year old patient, and he and his mom LOVE the app. I don’t know any other way he would actually get his home program done!

I had my mom sign up for this app to keep her consistent with doing her home exercises because she would always say that she would forget how to do the exercises. This app not only shows her how to do the exercises, it times her repetitions for her, and sends a notification to her PT that she has done her exercises. Genius app!

I love this app! I’m recovering from a partial knee replacement. This time around at PT, I’m happy to update the app on my phone instead of dragging around the exercise paperwork. It’s an added bonus that I don’t have to keep track of the reps AND I can review the correct form at any time.