The PT-Connect web platform simplifies your workflow, provides independence to your patients, and can record the completion of their customized Home Exercise Program.

How It Works


  • Keep your patients engaged with their HEP
  • Save time with easy-to-create HEP templates
  • Maximize HEP clarity with video and verbal instructions
  • Improve patient compliance

Seamlessly Manage Your Patient’s Home Exercise Program

The PT-Connect platform enables you to select exercises from a large library and customize each exercise for your clients. Patients can then download their Home Exercise Programs (HEP) to the PT-Helper mobile app, which guides them through their entire exercise routine, counting for them while illustrating the exercises using animation. It is intuitive, simple, and easy to use.

Access to a library of exercises with easy-to-understand illustrations

Free user-friendly patient app available for download in Apple and Google stores

Prescribe exercises via email, print-out, or mobile app

Set up HEP programs for patients within minutes using customizable templates

Add your clinic’s branding to PT-Helper, the patient mobile app

What Patients Are Saying

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