PT-Connect Templates


 Templates are a mechanism for an organization or therapist to group exercises together to create a protocol and make it easier to locate specific exercises.

Access to the Manage Templates page is through the Company Information page.

Selecting the Manage Templates button will bring up the following window. It will display any previously created templates.

Selecting button will bring up the following screen.

Templates can be specific to individual Therapist(s) or be available to everyone within the organization. An example of why a template would be available to a specific therapist is the case where a therapist specializes in hand and finger treatment. In this scenario, it might not be appropriate to make this Template available to other therapists.

Select to use the illustrations to select exercises to add to the Template.

Once a template is created, it will be listed in the Add Exercise page provided the template is available for the treating Therapist. Selecting the template will act like a Category field and will display only those exercises included in the template.