Create a New Exercise Within the PT-Helper Mobile App

Why would you want to create a new exercise within the PT-Helper mobile app?

We have discovered that therapist, health and wellness professionals each have their own preferred and unique sets of exercises that they prescribe to their patients and clients. Many times these exercises will be similar to an exercise already within our available list of exercises and you would add the exercise to your Favorites list to represent the exercise that you need to complete. When doing the exercise, you would then follow the instructions of your health professional provided to you to do the exercise as they recommend.

However, if you can’t find an exercise that matches up with your prescribed exercise or you want to make an exercise whose name prompts you to easily recall the exercise, you can easily create a new exercise within the PT-Helper mobile app.

To create a new exercise with the mobile app, first select “Exercises by Category” on the home page and then select “Create An Exercise” at the top of the following page.

This will bring up the Create An Exercise form where you can enter the Exercise Name and Exercise Description. In this example, we will name the new exercise “Dumbbell Fly”.

You can then select “Exercise Category” which will identify where the app will place the newly created exercise should you need to find it in the future. For this example, we have selected “Fitness – Shoulders”.

You can then select “Exercise Details” to set the default exercise parameters for the new exercise. Hold Time corresponds to the time required to hold a stretch or the eccentric motion for a dynamic exercise. Recovery Time corresponds to the time between stretches or the concentric motion for a dynamic exercise. Rest Time is the rest period between sets.


Once you have entered the details of the new exercise, press “Confirm” on the Create An Exercise page to add the exercise to your local list of available exercises. You still need to add the new exercise to your Favorites list by selecting “Add to Favorites”.

Once the exercise has been added to your Favorites, you can use the camera symbol at the top left to add pictures and videos to the exercise to provide additional information on how to do the exercise correctly.

You now have a new exercise added to your Favorites list to help you complete your home exercises.

Happy exercising!

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