How to Introduce the PT-Helper App to an Older Patient

While talking with different therapists, we often hear the concern that their older patients are not technology savvy.

Interestingly enough, Dr. Roger Wong, a world-renowned geriatrics doctor in the TEDx video below recommends using technology to provide greater independence and the ability for the older individual to stay at home. Technology can increase safety and increase socialization. He recommends giving seniors a smartphone to help keep track of them with GPS and to improve socialization with Facetime and other similar apps.

If you have an older patient, find out if they have a smartphone. If they don’t have a smartphone, ask if they have a tablet at home and to bring it with them the next time they come in for an appointment. Tablets are often easier to use for older patients with the larger screen size making it easier to see.

You can help your patient install the PT-Helper mobile app onto their smartphone or tablet. 

You can then enter in their unique HEP code from our exercise prescription service, CONNECT, into the app for them.

You can also set up their 3 daily reminders to alert them that they need to do their exercises.

Once you’ve added their HEP code, you can show your patient how to open the PT-Helper mobile app, select your company logo, select the first exercise and press Start. Once they have pressed start, it’s easy for them to follow along with the visual and audible guides to complete their home exercises.

Examples of the mobile app screenshots below include the logo from BreakOut Advisors & Rehabilitation.

Start your Free 30-day Trial of the PT-Helper CONNECT tool for physical therapists and other therapy providers, so you too may create and prescribe Home Exercise Programs like the one shown above.

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